Our Story

Our concept is based on providing the latest global, Gulf and Levantine cuisine. We are different and distinguished at the level of the State of Qatar. This confidence is gained from the opinions of the permanent customers in the tent restaurant and their satisfaction with our service.Maintaining the advantages that the restaurant has acquired in terms of quality of food and service that we provide and prices, and to meet the needs of individuals and families.

We Create Flavour

Our purpose is to make sure that the products we We offer are very high quality, and always fresh, We are always looking to innovate and evolve and our inspiration comes from cuisines from around the world.


Restaurant Manager's

It is a pleasure, in my capacity as the manager and owner of the Al Khaima Restaurant, to thank you for visiting the Al Khaima site, as I constantly supervise the quality of the food and manage the work team to follow up the service performance of our customers as I devote myself a complete vacuum to managing the Al Khaima restaurant myself, where I spent what ranges between 35 years since I took it, Because I have developed and enlarged it 5 times the area, as my struggle story in this field started from Syria, specifically in the city of Aleppo, where I worked in one of the famous restaurants and I gained great experience and from here began my desire to achieve my ambition in the field of restaurants and with the passage of time the experiences increase in this The field in terms of quality Food, diversity of items and quality of service, to make the Al Khaima Restaurant one of the best restaurants in the State of Qatar. The Al Khaima Restaurant is distinguished by its diversity in international, levant and Gulf varieties in the food menu in order to serve the restaurant on all categories of gourmet society.
Abu Khaled